Thou art, I reckoned

Epitome of friend…

A sanctuary beckoned

A river, no end


If thou would need now stop

Thy caring of mine heart…

Then I would hastened be

Mortal, eventually


In plain view

The naked eye can see

Where the blue jay flew

To rest upon the tree


To savour sweet mimosa

And revel in the dew

To Utopia

The blue jay flew...



Picture this…a hill.

A hazy countryside.

The sun… glowing and still

The sky… so open wide


Children laughing, playing

Running, happily

Daisies, strewn and laying

Under the Baobab tree


The stream…a pearly mirror-blue

Warm water, splashing free

Angels watching over you

Watching over me


Ice cream cones and fireflies

Butter cakes in baskets

Lovers with secrets in their eyes

The song of chirping crickets


Sun…copper, bronze ‘n golden

A most heavenly glow

Gentle breeze…soft blowing

Leaves…up high ‘n low


Air…so light and delicate

The whistle of the wind

Whistling, “Sun, sweet sun, don’t ever set”…

”Stay… never be dimmed”.


Posies blooming wild…their scent

Trailing where they lay

Time caught in a moment

Leave not my mind, nor stray


Recall to me this precious place

When my heart is blind

When my stars no longer blaze

Live in me to remind…


When days turn cold ‘n frozen

And I see only gray

Remind me of this memory

This one and perfect day…


Said he, give me thy heart

Said she, I cannot give

I gave my heart before,

I gave, and could not live

Said he, give me thy hand

And come and be my wife

Said she, without my hand,

Surely, I lose my life

Said he, give me thy soul

So I may love thee well

Said she, I gave my soul

And love gave me true hell!

Said he, then give thy self

Surely, this you can do

Said she, my world and universe

I’ll give…

But not to you…..


The diva Sun refused

Today, to be a rising Star

So, ambitiously confused

The elements spar


Perhaps she's taken ill

And so will not reveal

Her glorious grace

For love of saving face


Could it be… last night

She stayed up with the Moon

If she has lost her light,

Then we have found our doom


Did he modify her glow?

Did she swoon?

To what do we now owe

This frightful loon!


This rowdy coup d'etat

This lofty rush for power

Will seize Utopia

And do us under!


While she is in her bed

Resting her poorly head

The Clouds of mayhem shed

She's left us for dead!


Glorious one of gold

When will you return?

Lovesick, we are cold

For your kiss, we yearn


The Lightning and the Thunder

Have torn the Sky asunder

Surrender soon your ray

Save the day…..

All subject to Uru ©2015